Why Marketing Companies need video.

March 8, 2017

Why marketing companies need video.

Surely the short answer is ‘Why wouldn’t they?’

With marketing companies it is all about ROI (Return on investment) It is results driven. Clients need to know that it is worth while employing you, the marketing company, to do their marketing,  and by worth while, we mean you make much more money for them than if they did it themselves.

So to break down the ‘Why marketing companies need video’ we have a little help from the trusted bullet point list.

Email campaigns

Using video within your clients email campaign massively increases click through rates. Just using the word in the subject line increases open rates by 7-13%

Video ads.

The average click through rate of video is 1.84%. This doesn’t sound high as all, but actually it is the highest click through rate of all digital ad formats. If the video ad is more than 30 seconds, a none skippable ad completion rate is 96%. Time to ditch the more traditional ads maybe?


In the crazy world of social media that is keeping us all connected, videos are shareable. 76% or users say they’d share a video if it were entertaining. So a video for social media needs to stir up emotions, rather than facts.

Social media has its own features for video too remember. Facebook has 360 video and live video. Instagram has 60 seconds and Instagram stories and Twitter has Periscope. YouTube is the 2nd most popular Social Media network in the world. It’s crazy! So where are your audience? Communicate directly to them on social media using video. You can read more about what we think of Social Media in another of our blogs.


Marketing your clients website using SEO? Google loves video. According to Moovly, you’ve 53x more likely to show on google, first page of video is embedded on your website. Plus, google now owns YouTube. Enough said.


Creating your client website for them? A video on a homepage explains the business even for those lazy people who don’t want to read. (Ahem!) Videos are passive engagement. According to Invodo, visitors will stay longer on your website… so this in turn will increase SEO (See Above). A great homepage video will explain why the client is on that page.

A marketing company that doesn’t have a video as part of their customer marketing strategy is really missing out. Videos tell stories, but trust and show a great ROI of that initial upfront cost. So we think video is a worth while marketing solution? We certainly do!

Take a look at our work. How about making your client their video yourself? Check this out here as we can help you, help your clients with their video…


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