Tools to help with video conversions Part 1- Wistia

May 31, 2017

Tools to help with video conversions Part 1- Wistia

For those who don’t know, Wistia is a video hosting platform – like YouTube and Vimeo – but on steroids.

In short, Wistia tracks what viewers do, adds a CTA (Call to Action) shows you heat maps, viewing trends (So you can see where your video was skipped or rewatched) and gives you a much more detailed view of what your audience are actually doing while watching your video. This helps you make informed decisions about who your campaign is reaching and how you can improve.

Here are few reasons why we think you could use Wista to host video (And why we can’t wait to get started ourselves!)


You can tailor the video player to match your brand colours and create customised thumb nails.


You can add a password if needed (Like Vimeo) but unlike Vimeo you can add chapters, incase your audience already know some of your story or need to download or view something else as part of your strategy. Our favourite thing is the CTAs. You can ask viewers to sign up before or after they watch your video. (Or in the middle, it’s up to you.) You can use this to collect leads and build relationships. Sounds good to us.

Social Media:

You can post your video to Social Media (Like you can with YouTube) but unlike YouTube, you can share within your Social Media channel and you can see the statistics. (See below)


Wistia is the only video hosting platform designed for SEO conscious businesses. Your videos link back to your website not to Youtube or Vimeo.


Wistia shows you ‘your audience’ page. It tracks the people watching your videos, how many times, if they watched or skipped… All using heat maps.

They also use engagement graphs too. It shows audience trends, interactions and average engagement. Check out one of Wistia’s own blog post on what you could track.


We couldn’t of course write this without mentioning the little extras, or rather big, future proofing ones. Wista offer 360 videos with all the relevant analytics. It also integrates with Hubspot, Pardit, Marketo and much more. This lets you use all your available tools to refine your message and target the right people.

In fact, in researching this blog, we have got so excited at how it could help your videos, we can’t wait to sign up ourselves.

We’ll get started and write another blog in the future about how Wistia changed, (If at all) our business. So keep an eye out.

In the meantime, if you like the sound of Wistia but don’t have a video to upload yet, why not download our ebook on ‘How to Make Your Own Explainer Video‘  full of tips and tricks and the odd freebie too.


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