What can an explainer video explain?

May 3, 2017

What can an Explainer Video explain?

We’ve all heard of explainer videos, right? So what do they explain? “All about your business…” is a little general and we would imagine your business is quite complex. Sharing business love can be a tricky subject as sometimes there is too much to say and too much love to share. We have broken it down into simple suggestions. The bottom line is short, precise, targeted videos, more than one if needs be and the more tailored to your specific audience, in the correct part of your funnel, the better.

How it works:

Your product might need a little explaining. When you need a demonstration, visual is best and personally we search on YouTube. These types of videos would be good for existing customers who have already bought your product and those thinking about buying it to encourage trust.

Fill out a short form/ sign up:

These videos encourage people to sign up to your mailer.  Show them exactly what they will gain, what to do and how to do it. As long as you explain what is in it for them, a video here will work.

Promotional activities:

Competitions of free trials of products are great and sometimes people don’t want to read about how to enter. Videos like these are great to share on social media and anyone can see them when tagged. Once people watched the video, they will know what’s in it for them, and if this is good enough, they will share.

Sign up for webinar:

We are suckers for videos on why you should sign up for webinars. Usually, they are “talking heads” (So not something we can help you with unless you personally don’t like the camera!) Talking heads let your audience get a taste for what’s to come, build a sense of trust and familiarity, and once they feel they know you, they are more likely to join the webinar for the next step in your marketing funnel.

The Problem/ The Solution:

Another great video to spread via social media. It is much more about your clients and how you can provide a solution to their pains. It goes on your website (Usually the homepage) and is the first video to be seen by someone who has virtually no knowledge of you.

So there are many options to talk about when you use video. Always make videos as short and as tailored to your specific audience as possible. Take a look at our previous blogs, What can I make my video about? Where you can use video? …for more information.

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