Tools to help with video conversions Part 2 – Vimeo

August 9, 2017

Tools to help with video conversions Part 2 – Vimeo

We all thought Vimeo was pretty straightforward until we started to research what was available.

Vimeo Basic:

This can help you with visual marketing strategy, and so can Vimeo Plus, Pro and Business! There is so much more to this than what we first thought. We’ll focus on the FREE platform (Vimeo Basic) and Vimeo Business, to help you make great decisions regarding where to put your video for increased conversion rate and to help you measure marketing strategy success.

Vimeo Basic, as the name suggests, is pretty basic. It is great if you don’t need to upload a lot of videos weekly (not exceeding 500MB). You get the basic statistics for your video, such as the number of people who have viewed it and in addition, you get to set passwords and manage privacy controls on your video.

However, you can only create one channel, one group and three albums, which means you can’t grow your business too much, without hitting a restriction and needing to upgrade. Another disadvantage is that Vimeo Basic has a lot of banner advertisements, which is basically to earn revenue to enable it to keep the service free.

Sounds quite straightforward and for smaller businesses wanting a video presence, it is just what you need to start with.

Vimeo Business:

Vimeo business on the contrary, offers you tools you didn’t even realise you needed!

It offers unlimited weekly uploads, collections or albums. It even comes with 5TB worth of storage, with provision for up to 10 team members who can upload or manage your account. But what we love is the features for lead generation and Google analytics. You can ask customers who view your video for their email addresses and it will link straight to your email marketing software, such as Mail chimp. Vimeo Business also links to Google analytics for more insights. Sounds great, doesn’t it?! If you would like to track where your customer goes and what they do after watching your video, Vimeo Business will help you see exactly what your possible customers are up to. And the icing on the cake is that there are no ads, anywhere! In a world where we have better things to do, paying extra for this service sounds ok to us!

Vimeo Pro:

This is ideal to provide support any large, buzzing organisation with visual marketing needs, such as analytics and reports. It is for businesses that have a massive video web presence, such as agencies, creative, marketing companies or even large production companies and they sound like our type of organisation!

Vimeo Pro also offers help within 1 hour of submitting your question. That’s pretty quick, and they say they can help over night too.

You can compare Vimeo to Wistia (review available on a previous blog). We think they are pretty much the same except Wista does the first 3 videos for free. There is no mention on Vimeo’s website if they offer any free trials.

Take a look for yourself and let us know what you think. Email us at and let us know if you are a Vimeo Business, or a basic Vimeo human. We’re intrigued as to what you think.


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