Tools to help with video conversions Part 4 – YouTube

September 6, 2017

Tools to help with video conversions Part 4 – YouTube

We love Youtube. It’s the new Google. How many times do you have a problem and you YouTube it, to see the solution in a video format? All the time? Yes, we too! Well what if you find solutions and put them on YouTube for people to see? What if you are a business and know that your business changes the world? How do you know if people are viewing and engaging with your video? How do you know if your channel is growing or where in the world are your viewers coming from? Well, YouTube provides answers that define your audience to help with your visual marketing.

Once you are signed into YouTube, click on ‘You Channel’. Further, click on the tab named ‘video manager’ at the top, and then ‘analytics’ on the left-hand side. This opens up your statistics, which includes your top 10 videos, comments and likes.

This page is our favourite. Further down you can see where your customers are viewing your videos in the world, (ours is the UK, handy as that is whom we aim for) and shows your traffic sources. Traffic sources reveal if your videos are mostly being found by YouTube search or external links. It also shows you if your videos are coming up on the suggested video list of other viewers and if they are clicking on it. In addition you can see how many videos are watched within YouTube rather than those videos that link back to YouTube, but are embedded in external websites.

To click for more details, click down the left hand side.

It is also worth mentioning some other metrics:

Average View Percentage: The average percentage of a video watched.

Average view duration: The average length of the video watched.

Estimate minutes watched: The number of minutes for which the users watched the video.

Uniques: The number of views that are unique, i.e. new people, rather than returning viewers.

Viewer percentage: Percentage of viewers who were logged in while watching the video.

Watch time: The amount of time for which a viewer has watched the video. (We reckon it will drop off at the minute mark.) Check out our previous blog about length.

However, YouTube just doesn’t seem to display its stats as visually as Wista. When you are not sure where to look, it all seems to blend into one. It takes a lot more clicks on YouTube to get what you want.

YouTube is the second most used search engine next to Google. Using YouTube to host your video, linking it to your website and utilising the analytics for free we think is enough. Add all this to the mix of viewers using YouTube to search for information, means that YouTube dwarfs all its competition easily.

If you want a platform to host your video, with good enough statistics… YouTube is for you.


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