What software can I use to create my own explainer video?

November 29, 2017

What software can I use to create my own explainer video?

Your are making an explainer video and you’ve created the script. So it is all well and good explaining your business dreams, creating the images, showing how you want to change the world… but what about how to actually make them move?

Here are a list of websites that can help you create your video to promote your service or product and start to change the world.


Perhaps one of the most well-known whiteboard animation tools. Create your own whiteboard starvation very quickly using well to free images and music from the growing library.


A brand-new application that allows its users to quickly and easily create both whiteboard and blackboard do videos

Go animate:

Will help you create professional whiteboard animated videos it has been easy learning and a DIY set of simple tools.


Probably the most marketing product on the list that happens to be an excellent tool for creating animated videos.


The quickest way to create an animated video. Check the template and add your URL.

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