Questions to ask yourself before you hire an animated explainer video company.

December 13, 2017

Questions to ask yourself before you hire an animated explainer video company.

Outsourcing means you a team of people who specialise in their field, are getting the job done correctly. There are some really good companies out there who will do a great job at sharing your business love. But who do you work with? We’ve come up with a few questions to ask yourselves before you hire an animated explainer video company.

Do they care about your business?

This is number 1 for a reason. Why work with anyone who doesn’t believe in your message, in what and how you are trying to change the world. Work with people who get as excited about your vision as you do. Meet with them. After a few minutes you’ll know if they are just after your money or if they believe in you. Make sure your animated explainer video company are genuinely interested in your success.

Do they have good production quality?

Does their previous work look professional, or like the sound has been recorded in a garage? Check out where the video is on the clients website? Does it fit with the companies ethos, style and brand? Does it get the message across clear and simply? How does their previous work make you feel?

Do they fit your budget?

Ever heard the saying ‘You get what you pay for?’ Well this can apply to animated explainer videos too. Sometimes mass produced, very cheap videos can harm your brand. They look nasty and your audience will instantly pick up on cut corners. The more money you can spend, the more a good production company can spend time on your video. Like the look of a company but not sure if your budget fits? Approach, explain, suggest and offer what you can. You never know if an animated video production company can offer you a special deal.

Do they get results?

What is the point of spending all that money on a gorgeous video if it doesn’t convert? Do your research. You could always phone up the company the video was for to ask if it was worth investing in. We know that when people do a good job for us, we are more than happy to sing their praises. Give it a go!

What type of help do i need?

This depends on who YOU are. If you are creative and like to muck in with the creative process, find a company who include you in the journey. You could write the script, or you could create vector images to be drawn if you are super creative and handy with illustrator. Talk it through with your production company. Some might not allow your input, some might encourage it.

To sum up, it’s about communication and gut feelings. Make sure you are both a good fit and know what you are looking for. When a company like yours comes together with a company like us, we can speak from experience and say we have never worked a day in years!

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