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About us - We are a explainer video production company.

Once upon a time, in a little country not to far from you, a tall, smiley woman named Angela sat watching the news. She was sick of hearing how terrible the world is. Angela couldn’t understand where all the good people were. Was there no positivity left? No happiness, friendship or empathy? Of course horrible, inexcusable things happen in the world, but she wondered why she didn’t hear about the good deeds, the innovations, the support, the charities, the business owners, or people who are just trying to make the world a better place.

Angela stopped watching the news and reading newspapers, but it didn’t help. Bad things were still happening and there wasn’t anything that she could do to help. Feeling powerless, it wasn’t until she investigated that she realised there were a lot of ‘good’ out there. Entrepreneurs were creating innovative new products and services to make peoples lives easier and better, meaning they were more fulfilled. Teachers were creating courses, spreading education and self improvement. Designers were creating gifts and personalised presents to show Gratitude. There were even people carrying shopping bags for strangers, cars letting each other join queues and the public smiling at one another. This created the feeling of community and support, rather than fear and isolation shown on TV

Angela decided she’d had enough. If the news can spread fear, negativity and isolation, then she can spread life, beauty, positivity, happiness, and affinity. She decided to call this ‘Love‘ and she celebrated every time she saw it and every time it was shared.

Soon people would visit and say ‘I want to share Love too… how can I help?’ and Angela would say ‘Tell the world how you can help it…  how you can change peoples lives, how your business idea, your project, your behaviour, your gift, your JOB… can change the world for the better!’

“How do I do that?” they would ask…

…and that is why Angela created an explainer video production company called Angela Makepeace Motion Graphics Studio, making animated explainer videos for business.

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