The Process

The best Explainer Video process to use

This is our explainer video process. It all begins with a conversation.

There is method to our madness. Each step needs to be signed off before we proceed. It is important that we are all 100% happy with what we have, before we move on. As much as we love the creative process, backtracking can be costly.

The best Explainer Video process to use - DiscoveryDiscovery stage

We discuss who you are, what you need and where your video will go as part of your marketing plan. We talk about what you like about animated videos, any styles that you are particularly keen on, what you want the video to be about and who you are making it for.

Once we are both happy and the technicalities (50% deposit and signing of the terms and conditions) are out of the way, we’ll agree a production schedule and we can begin.

The best Explainer Video process to use - Script


We take what we’ve learnt and translate it into a structured script for the video. If we agree on a voiceover, this is where the it is written.

The best Explainer Video process to use - Storyboard


The storyboard is the visual representation of the script. We create basic drawings, completely void of style. This is done in order to help you visualise what happens in what part of the video.

The best Explainer Video process to use - Concept ideas

Concept ideas

This stage is dedicated to translating your brand’s visual identity: your colours, images, logos… into video graphics. We use the style of your website, brochures and other promotional materials (as agreed during the briefing process) to create visuals that fit your brand.

The best Explainer Video process to use - Full Storyboard and voiceover

Full Storyboard and Voiceover

Using the concept ideas, we create our first storyboard in the style that corresponds with your chosen concept idea. Then we supply a range of voice-overs that suit your brand, budget and vision.

The best Explainer Video process to use - Animation


This is when the images come to life. We take the illustration created previously and animate. We work according to the brief, chosen script and style defined by the concept ideas.

The best Explainer Video process to use - Music and Sound Effects

Music and sound effects

The audio – our cherry on the cake. Depending on the package you choose, we compose music for you or choose an existing piece from the stock library.

The best Explainer Video process to use - Final video

Final video

With every step completed of our explainer video process we can now present you with your final video. You’ll receive a HD un-watermarked version you can use online, during exhibitions, or to make a presentation that much more special… it’s great for sharing on social media, directing traffic to your website and being found on YouTube!

The best Explainer Video process to use - Promote, Review, Refine.

Promote, Review, Refine

We want you to succeed as much as you do, which is why it is important for you to promote your video efficiently to the right audience via the correct channels. Our explainer video process can involve tracking, analyses and optimising your ROI if needs be. We can add actionable points throughout, such as clickable links and sync them with your Marketing and Social Media Strategy.

The best Explainer Video process to use - Sign up


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