Why do I need an animated video?

Animated videos have been proven to increase conversion rates. Nobody reads text anymore, so showing and engaging your audience is important if you want to reach them. Take a look at our blog post on what an explainer video can explain.

Why should I use you?

We are an award winning agency based just outside London, UK. We have cut our teeth on animated video for businesses working with the top agancies in London. We provide London quality videos, at an 'outside London' price. Our videos engage, convert, explain, increase conversion rates and generally make you look amazing! Take a look at our video or read out post on why us.

How much do they cost?

It depends on so many things. How long does it need to be? What do you need it to do? It needs to be part of a greater marketing campaign that you have in mind. If you'd like us to quote for you, contact us or take a look at our post on the average price of an explainer video.

How long do they take to make?

We ask for 6 weeks, a week per section of the process. It will be longer if feedback isn't received in time. It really isn't a long time to create something so complex, and from our research, its industry standard. If you need it quicker, we can still help. Take a look at our video here...

Can I whitelabel your work?

Yes of course. We can liaise with you, or with your client. You can have as much imput as you feel you want. You can also supply sections on behalf of yor client too, such as the script or images. How much involvemnet we have is up to you!

Can you animate my logo?

Yes of course. As well as animated videos, we can also animate your logo, title sequence or lower thirds. We have help with most styles of animation.

I have a script, can you use that?

Yes we can.

What is your process?

Firstly, we make sure we are a great fit by having a free consultation. This can be over skype, or meeting in person. If we both agree that we can help you, we'll ask for 50% deposit and our Terms and Conditions read, understood and agreed too. We then follow a step by step process that can be found on our about us page. We only go onto the next step once you are happy with it. We don't want to go back a step as it is more costly.

What if I don't like the video?

This simply won't happen. We follow a step by step process and we don't proceed until you are 100% happy with each one. We never just give you your video... we work together every step of the way so there are never any nasty suprises - only good suprises.

What do you need to get started?

We will need to have an exploratory chat with you to discuss your needs. We'll then need 50% deposit up front (The rest paid on completion.) Our terms and conditions read, understood and agreed with. We'll then need any visual branding such as your logo, website and any printed material.

Who will I be working with?

You'll be working with Angela who oversees the whole project, from script to screen. She will be available on email, phone call or skype throughout the entire process and aims to get back to you within 4 hours, Monday to Friday 9-5 GMT. Angela will deal with all communications, so no repeating stories to get each team member to understand your problem.

I am based outside the UK, can we still work together?

Absolutely. We use skype, email and dropbox with all out clients, who are based all over the planet earth. You can be anywhere in the world and providing you had wifi, we could work together!

How do I pay you?

You can use paypal or bank transfer. We do accept cheques on request too.

What can I do with the video once it is complete?

This is usually discussed before we make the video, as it is important to put the vidoe where your audience is as part of your strategy. You can use it in it's entire form wherever and however you like. At meetings, when pitching, at exhibitions, on your website, social media channels, where ever your customer is. Read our blog on places to put video you didn't think of yet.

What can I not do with the video?

Please don't broadcast it. (Please don't put it inbetween the adverts on Coronation street) as this requires a different licence. If you do need to broadcast it, just let us know at the start.

What else do you offer?

We offer all sorts of animation, from logo animation, lower thirds and title sequences. If we haven't listed what you need, contact us and we'll see if we can help. Also, we have a blog post of lower thirds and title sequences.

How long should a video be?

It is however long it needs to be. However, statistics show that they need to be between 60 and 90 seconds as viewers attention spans are getting shorter. Check out our blog on how long a video needs to be.

Can you speed up the production process?

Yes, but please keep in mind it can increase production costs. We can ask for quick response time from you and fewer changes to help with speed. Just ask us and we can see what we can do.

How may revisons can I have?

You can have as many as you like. We don't proceed until you are happy with each section, and once each section is signed off, we don't go back. Please remember, the more changes you have the more chance it will affect the deadline. On average, our customers usually only need 1 round fo revisons per section.

In what format do I get the video?

You get the final video in H.264, HD (1920x1080) which is standard for video. If you need it in another format, just let us know!

Are your videos custom made?

Absolutely. all animation and images are bespoke so you won't find them anywhere else!

We found a video company that can create a video for £50

That's great... but you get what you pay for. Will it really represent your brand, business message and feel of your business? Will the images and animation be bespoke, because if they are not you'll probably find your video is else where on the internet.

Are there any hidden costs?

Everything that you need to get the video you discussed will be on your quote we send you. We never add silly, hidden costs. What we quote for, is what we'll ask you to pay.

What are your payment terms?

We ask for 50% deposit upfront and the final 50% on completion. Once received we will send you the full resolution, unwatermarked version.

What types of video do you not make?

We don't make live action videos, (Where there is a camera, set and people.) We do know some very talented people who do and we'd put you in contact with them.

Can I meet you in person?

If you are in the South East of England, then yes of course, (We love tea and cake!) If not, we can skype!

Do your price include VAT?

We are not a limited company, so there is no VAT to pay on top of our costs. What you are quoted, will not contain extra costs on top.

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