5 Powerful Video Marketing Strategies

5 Powerful Video Marketing Strategies

Consumers love video marketing content. It is proven to be more engaging, entertaining and effective than any other media.

How do you use it as part of a marketing strategy?

Here are 5 ideas for using video within your marketing strategy.

1: Include a thumbnail of your promotional video within your email.

Did you know that using ‘video’ in a subject line increases click through rates by 26%? So when your viewer is reading your email, they’ll want to see the video you are talking about.

Adding an enticing thumbnail picture with the link to the video animation is what we’d recommend. It is not always possible to directly insert a video into your emails. Use the ‘thumbnail and link’ tip in your mailers you send out to your database. You can also add it to your email signature that you send to clients. Either way, make sure your thumbnail is targeted to the correct audience and you’ll find that they are more likely to click play.

2: Pin it to your Twitter feed.

Pinning a tweet that contains your animated explainer video is a great way to get it immediately noticed. Pinning means a tweet that you have posted is now at the very top of your feed.

This is how you do it:

  • Create the tweet with the video attached.

  • Post.

  • Click the 3 dots at the bottom of the post.

  • Select ‘Pin to your profile page’.

  • Done.

3: Add share buttons to the bottom of your video animation. (It’s all about engagement!)

For interactive buttons, we suggest using Wista for hosting your video, adding share buttons and tracking video views. They offer the viewer the ease of a one-click share on social media sites, which makes it super quick for people to send your video to their friends.

4: Optimise for conversions.

Why do you want people to watch your video? Once people have watched the video, what would you like them to do now? Calls to action are very important as it informs the viewer about what to do next.

Your call to action needs to be clear and map to your objective, whether you want leads or just a conversation.

If your video is on YouTube, why not add a link at the end that leads to your landing page or even another video? If you want your audience to call you, they need to be able to see a phone number.

5: Engage with viewers.

When people comment, make sure you are engaging and communicating with them. It is the perfect opportunity to be open and welcoming. Answer their questions, thank them for any compliments, generally assure them that you are human. People like to buy from people, after all.

Would you like to know how to create your own animated video? Download our checklist to make sure you have everything you need before you get started with your video marketing strategies.


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