5 reasons your video increases conversion rates

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

5 reasons your video increases conversion rates.

5 reasons your video increases conversion rates

Video is one of the top ways to grab your audience and make them listen. According to TNG, WeCapture, consumers who watch product videos are 85% more likely to buy products, compared to those who do not watch content videos. – But why? What is it that video has, or does, that increases those conversion rates.

1: Our brains

Our brains process visuals over 30,000 times faster than text– so in the age where attention spans are on the decrease, (The average was 8.25 seconds in 2015 according to ‘the Statistic Brain Research Institute) your message gets in customers heads, and combined with visuals, it is more likely to stay there.

2: Stories

Video doesn’t just tell your story, it shows your story too. Colours, graphic style, sound effects, voice-over tone, animation style all contribute to the feel of your business. What your audience see, they hear and feel.

3: Video is a great on the go.

Mobile smartphone users prefer to watch video as they are easier to view on a small device than text. This means your message can get across to your consumers where ever they are.

4: Videos are entertaining.

No more pages of unreadable text. Your business story can be interesting and smart.

5: They are shareable.

Videos can be uploaded to Social Media, marketing emails and websites, which means if they are good, people will share with their friends, spreading the word. Read our blog on places to put your video that you didn’t think of yet.

So not sure if video is for you? Don’t need to increase that conversion rate? What do you like about video? Only buy from modern, up-to-date websites that use video to show exactly who they are and what they do?

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