A day in the life of an animated video agency

A day in the life of an animated video agency

A Day in The Life of an Explainer Video Agency

Running a Motion Graphics agency is the best job in the world. We get to work for incredible entrepreneurs who want to make the world a more beautiful place to be. It is also very full on. We have emails, phone calls, art and development and, of course, we worry. Worrying is a full-time job!

Yesterday, Angela decide to write down exactly what she did, from as soon as she got into the office until the time she left for the day. Every day is different, but they generally follow the same rough structure. As a maker-manager, she tries to accomplish all her creative work in the morning, and sees to her managing duties in the afternoon. Of course, this isn’t always possible, as jobs run over, briefs change, people get sick or clients need things yesterday. Every morning can be planned, but one phone call can change everything.

8.30 - Got in a little late due to working late on Monday evening.

All emails checked. Urgent emails are replied to, some forwarded, some marked as ‘unread’ to be actioned later.

Social media - Checked. Replied to comments and liked and followed anything and anyone appropriate.

9: Our favourite client always rings just after 9 in the morning, so it’s always best to be ready. Once the call is wrapped, if the action can be done in 5 minutes, we do it now, otherwise it can wait until the afternoon.

9-1: Our creative time. If we don’t have a team 9.15 meeting (usually on a Monday), we all get busy on creative work. We create images, video animation, motion graphics, marketing video scripts and content during this time. This morning Angela had two mini videos to animate for Twitter. (Check out our Twitter feed for our mini videos.) While this was going on, the team was creating a promotional script for a new client and video animation concept ideas were being drafted.

1-2 Is lunch time. Angela only takes 30 minutes and spends the latter part of the hour answering those emails that could have waited. Having lunch in the garden on a nice day is compulsory.

2-3.30 is manager time. Yesterday Angela had a meeting at 2.30 with a potential client, so left at 2. While she was gone, blog posts were typed up that had been drafted earlier in the week and creating concepts continued on. The phone call from this morning was actioned, too. We changed the logo and colour at the end of an animation for our client and re-exported and uploaded to Dropbox.

4 -5: Angela returned and sent the Dropbox link to the client. Facebook ads that were running were checked and it was decided that the image that was used wasn’t converting enough so it was taken down. Accounts were caught up on and calls and emails that were missed while in the meeting were actioned.

5 -5.30: We liaise to see how far we’d come today and what actions need to be done tomorrow. It is important to acknowledge what has been done that day, as it is so easy to not note what you have accomplished, and leaving you feeling unproductive. This way, we also hit the ground running for the next day, knowing exactly what we need to do as soon as we arrive.

We also use this time to discuss any quote requests that have come in during the day and to make sure everyone is happy with the amount of time allocated to complete the job.

Home time.

5.30: Angela usually stays to create any outstanding quotes, answers emails and checks social media. Any proposals are sometimes done here too.

Every day is different. We don’t always work together, sometimes we all work from home. Sometimes we achieve everything, other days it seems we achieve nothing. What we do know is that showing the world it’s a beautiful place to be is the best job in the world. No day is the same, no day is average.

We are proud we get to work together.


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