Ask us for help when creating your video.

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

Ask us for help when creating your video.

Ask us for help when creating your video.

It’s networking day. It’s a god awful time in the morning and you pull up to the venue in your car. You rub your eyes and plaster on a smile. It’s raining. First thing’s first. You sneak in and grab your second coffee of the day. Fingers crossed the buzz will kick in before someone glides over to tell you with great enthusiasm ‘…business is fabulous darling…’ Each week, every week.

It’s time for the one-minute pitch. One by one you stand up to brightly and overwhelmingly-enthusiastically tell the rest of the party who you are and how you can help them. Everyone is bursting with happiness. They talk about how successful they are. Their energy booms around the room and you sit and wonder how they do it all. How did they find all these clients? How did they honestly have time to go to Scotland, visit a client in the Isle of Wight, bring £10,000 into their business and still be home in time to make their children’s tea… all in the same day? How do they not have energy dips, bad days, confused areas of their business, worries, setbacks, and dare I say it… failures?

I am sitting in a room full of people but where are the human beings?

Over the course of the business, we’ve met incredibly talented people from all over the world, in all sorts of businesses. Some human, some not so human. No one seems to be able to stand up in a networking meeting and be vulnerable. No one wants to ask for help. No one feels they can say “Actually this week has been pretty poo. I lost a client as there was a misunderstanding.” When was it acceptable to stand up in front of your equals and ‘smarm’ about how amazing you are and fabricate your week, week after week? There have been numerous occasions we’ve seen when people have told the group how busy they are and how great their week has been when we know that it has been a disaster. If you had so much work on… where is it? Let me see it!

Positivity, forward thinking and confidence are important in business, after all people buy from people – but so is being relatable and a real person. If we worked with credible people, people who had bad days, second thoughts, worries and failures, wouldn’t you relate and like them more? Wouldn’t you want to celebrate their good days? Cheer when they really are busy and be genuinely interested in their holidays which they have earned due to real hard work? After all don’t we go to networking events to help each other? Can’t we support as well as sell?

We are all in this business journey together. We are all susceptible. With 55% of businesses failing after five years someone must be having a tough time in the room. Let us ask for help, let us be vulnerable. It’s okay to have questions and be destructible. We are all human. We can only do our best.

That’s why we felt this blog had to be written. It needs to be said. We want to be able to help those who are feeling the strain.

We can’t help you with cash flow, that awkward client, or your bad days. We can help with conversion rates and we can help explain your whats and whys. Clients come to us as a marketing strategy, as they need more clients. So they have without realising, admitted they need more brand awareness. So it’s okay to not be busy, it’s okay to have bad days, it’s okay to ask for help.

Whether you have made your own video, halfway through a video with another company, or simply interested to know more… We. Can. Help. You.

Because a video could mean you stand up at your networking event and genuinely broadcast that you are crazy, crazy busy and life is simply ‘…fabulous darling!’

Email us. Just do it.

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