How Facebook tools will help you with your video statistics

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

How Facebook tools will help you with your video statistics.

How Facebook tools will help you with your video statistics

Last month Facebook announced changes to the way you can see your video analytics. It has changed its interface and has added new data points. You now will be able to see how long videos are being watched and whether they are being watched with the sound on or off. This means brands, like yourselves, will get a massive data boost to help with your video strategy.

The new metrics include:

  • Minutes viewed: The total number of minutes viewers watched your video (Interesting to see how your video measures up to our recommendations of keeping the length of your video to a minute. Take a look at our previous blog on ideal video length.)

  • Views: How many views in total (Not ideal if your mum watches your videos on repeat!)

  • Unique viewers: A number of individual people who have seen the video. (Ideal if your mum watches your videos on repeat!)

  • 10 seconds views: A new feature which allows you to see how many people view your video up to 10 seconds, or just kept scrolling.

  • Average percent completion: The proportion of the video that is viewed as an average watch session, on a percentage basis.

  • When you click on the average percent completion it shows:

  • Audience retention: A visual representation of views of the video at each moment as a percentage of all views.

  • Average viewing duration: The average length of time the video was watched in seconds.

  • This interface also makes it easier for publishers to access video performance data by clicking metrics in the updated insights view.

These include:

  • Sound-on versus sound-off: This is a breakdown between views to sound and views without sound available to both views and 10 second views.

  • Organic versus paid: A breakdown between organic metrics and unpaid metrics is available for minutes viewed, views, 10 second views, and unique viewers.

This is ideal for brands who rely on page insights to track the performance of their post and optimising their video content for video strategies. It allows for flexibility and will help grow your business on Facebook.

All this will be coming to Facebook’s page insights soon.

To learn more about insights that are available with video, take a look at our blog.

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