How much do animated videos cost?

How much do animated videos cost?

How much do animated videos cost?

There isn’t short answer, so to give the most direct answer, we’d like to lay down a few guidelines beforehand.

An animated explainer video needs the following video production geniuses as part of the process:

  • Script writer

  • Illustrator/designer

  • Animator

  • Sound technician

  • Director

  • Project manager

You also need access to animation video creator software, e.g. After Effects, Illustrator, Premiere and Protools, (You can rent these for around £50 per month.)

Wyzowl, created a survey of explainer video companies, and came to the following conclusions:

For 60 seconds of animated video:

  • The average price is £7,972.

  • The average turnaround time is 5.5 weeks.

Not bad when you consider how many people—animation video creation experts who are at the top of their game—are needed to create engaging, converting videos for your marketing campaign.

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