How to Use Video in Your Marketing Emails

How to Use Video in Your Marketing Emails

How to Use Video in Your Marketing Emails

Email marketing is the most effective channel to drive website leads and sales. Therefore, creating and sending emails is an important way to re-use your video content.

Here are tips to get the most out of using video in your marketing emails.

Include video in your subject line.

The word “video” is easily the most import word to use when getting your customers to open your email. It catches people’s attention before they bin your email or leave it unread, or worse, send it to SPAM.

Tell people there is a fantastic video inside and on average it increases open rates from 7% to 13%, according to Switch Video.

Use Vidyard to directly embed a video.

You can’t embed video directly in an email, but according to VidYard using a gif works!

Animating the play button gets your viewers’ attention and makes the email fun and exciting and a step up from the boring, text-only emails they receive daily.

If you can’t use a gif, use a still.

Using a still with a link is almost as effective as a gif. A thumbnail is the first thing that people will see and adding a play button will show it is clickable. Link it to YouTube or Vimeo. Make sure the image is strong and inviting.

The types of video to use:

  • Who is your audience? (It's a very important question. Once you know them, why not use these ideas to entertain and persuade?)

  • Inspiring video

  • Event follow up

  • About you

  • Tutorial

  • To say thanks

  • Your story

  • News and updates

  • Behind the scenes

So there you are, ideas on how to using video in email marketing. There are so many ideas on how to jazz up those emails.

Fancy making your own promotional video? Use our ebook to guide you through the video production process, and level up your marketing campaign!


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