Places to put your video that you didn’t think of yet.

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

Places to put your video that you didn’t think of yet.

Places to put your video that you didn’t think of yet.

We all know the usual places businesses get videos made for… homepage of their website, YouTube, exhibitions… but what about the small platforms that are probably not worth making a video especially for?  We can show you the places to put your video, to ensure you get the MAXIMUM use from it.

Remember… videos convert best when part of a larger marketing campaign. So that normally includes directing traffic to a specific part of your website. If a business only commission the one video, it typically goes on the homepage as an ‘about us’ video. But once it is part of your funnel, where else can you put it to ensure maximum exposure? We have a few suggestions:

Email signature:

Have you ever thought of putting the video on Youtube and directing traffic to it from your email signature? You can add a graphic and link the URL to it, so it directs to YouTube. Or, how about a text link explaining ‘If you’d like to know more about how we can help you, watch our video…’


It is so important to put YOU across when networking. After all, you are your most important asset. We all stand up to do our 60 seconds. How about 30 seconds of you speaking, 30 seconds of video? Take your tablet, press play… and instantly you are much more memorable.


Typically, when people sign up to your mailer they’ll know a little about you already, and are wanting to know more. You could add it in as a little ‘What we can do for you…’ click through. Did you know email open rates are boosted by 20% when mentioned in the email subject line? The click though rates are increased and unsubscribes decrease when using video within emails, so it is definitely worth thinking about using it within your email marketing campaigns.

Social Media:

So this is a lot more obvious.. share it on Social Media. Again, link the video to YouTube. Or, if you use a good enough video production company, they will edit it into a 20 second teaser trailer to whet your audiences appetite. They could chop it even further to create a Gif. Check out our blog on What Social Media Platform Is Best For Your Video for more information on this.


Your blog is a place where your clients can find you without going through your homepage. How about linking your video in the about section of your blog?

Electronic Press Release:

We love a good bit of PR. Now it is all digital too, which means you can link your bit of PR to your video on YouTube for readers and ‘engagers’ to find out more information about you. Directing them to a video is much more exciting than to a blurb, or full on text about you on your website.

Online catalogues:

Depending on what your explainer video is about, (Here we understand it to be all about how you can help your clients and why they should use you.) but some of our clients have product videos explaining how to use their online catalogue, new product etc. How about using the video as a reason why they should buy from you. Again, with your marketing funnel in mind, your customers might have come from a third party website and have no idea why you or your business are so special they should buy from you. A video that is used on your homepage will tell your client this, so why not use it again here?

The bottom line is plan plan plan. Videos should be created with the bigger picture in mind.

Want to know how to make a great explainer video that converts? Take a look at our ebook. We’ll talk you through step by step, giving you tips and tricks along the way.