The Best Non-Profit Videos that Increase Reach

The Best Non-Profit Videos that Increase Reach

The Best Non-Profit Videos that Increase Reach

Animated videos use images, sounds and stories to create an emotion. They stir imagination. It is of little surprise that nonprofits use them for emotively persuading viewers to do something, such as donate, raise awareness and educate their supporters and the public on what they are doing and why.

We have gathered 5 of the best non-profit animated videos to inspire you on your journey. Let us know what you think of these by emailing us at and tell us how these have made you feel.


This video moves you to take action against child trafficking and exploitation. It combines live action video with animation and this beautifully created video shows that everyone can make a difference.

The Girl Effect:

Infographics, text and animation tell this story of the wider scope of the problem the organisation is addressing. It has raised awareness of what the issues are and how The Girl Effects is part of the solution.

The Seva Foundation:

This short but highly effective video shows the story of young girls who can’t see, something that we all take for granted. It shows how Seva can help, with the cause and effect, rippling those around her, too.

All these videos use story, animation and emotive language to engage the viewer. It educates about the problems the nonprofit is trying to solve and raises awareness of the problem. These videos have been proven to raise awareness of the issues and, in turn, promote and educate the viewer about what and why the nonprofit does what it does, and why and how the viewer can help.

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