The different types of Motion Graphics Explainer videos

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

The different types of Motion Graphics Explainer videos

The different types of Motion Graphics Explainer videos

Our blog is about the different styles of Motion Graphics Explainer videos that we offer to Small and Medium businesses.

The Whiteboard Animation:

The Whiteboard animation is extremely popular as the story is ‘drawn’ on. A hand will enter the frame and appear to draw on the image with a whiteboard marker. In some cases, the image will then animate.

It is clean, modern and engages viewers. It appeals to that part of us that would love our drawings to come alive!

This is an example of a whiteboard animation we did. It can be found here:

2D Character/Graphics Animation:

2d videos are usually full of colour and specific to your brand and message. They are usually quite abstract, not staying in the same ‘location’ rather existing in their own world. They can be character driven, or simply image driven, and work best when tailored to your business.

They are often less expensive than Live Action Video (when you use a camera) For instance, you couldn’t film a man going to the moon, but with Motion Graphics explainer videos this would be easy!

This is an example of  how simple stories can be made clear with 2d character animation. From

2D Typography:

Typography videos are videos that use text in an arrangement that is most appealing to your audience. Using fonts, line lengths, tracking and of course animation, typography videos are simple and fun. Ideal for when the words are simply powerful enough.

This Typography video is from celebranoid.

2D Infographics:

Info graphics can be another name for a Motion Graphics video with typography and 2D character/graphics animation mixed in together. However, we feel they are more than that and need a section and heading all to themselves. Infographics are a visual representation of data which we use in an interesting and fun way. We would put information that would otherwise be static, into a informative and exciting video.

An example of this can be found on the website

So, this will hopefully inspire you and your business, opening your eyes to the style of videos available to you.

Like what you see? Drop us a line at Seen something you like but doesn’t fit in one particular category? Then drop us a line too…!

We always love hearing from you.

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