The true cost of a bad explainer video

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

The true cost of a bad explainer video

The true cost of a bad explainer video. A rant.

To get to the point pretty quickly…The true cost of a bad explainer video damages your brand, your identify and people turn off.  It doesn’t increase conversion rates, it actually drops them pretty rapidly. Want to know why and how we know this?

Recently we turned to a marketing company, who we signed up to receive free information that would promise to improve our business.

Broken promises

At first we received an email with a video, (Our favourite!) which we watched. It was just talking heads against a blank white board. ‘Well, it’s a quick marketing video to send out on email, it’s understandable they’ve gone for the quick and easy setup, it may not look great, but of course, content us everything’ we thought..  We kept watching.

Attention span

After the first two minutes, our concentration started to drift. ‘Ohh what’s for tea? Oh how about a chippy tea? Chinese? Hum… Chinese.’  Whoops back into the room. The talking heads hadn’t got the point yet and we were 3 minutes in. I checked the length of the video. 10 minutes. Bored. We started to procrastinate. NEXT!

We switched off. They hadn’t gotten to the point in the first 3 minutes. I’m sure you’ll agree, we’re are all pretty busy people. We all have better things to do. Didn’t these talking heads have better things to do than waffle on? They had a business to run, surely!

Over the next few weeks we received more emails to invite us to view their new video, promising all sorts of must do things… what we were doing wrong with our marketing… what we must do to get more customers… ‘oh we can learn from this’ we thought. Each video was 10 to 15 minutes long, all in the same format and style (which put us to sleep the first time) and didn’t get to the point until around 8 minutes in and even then, we weren’t quite sure what the point was, or indeed, if we were still alive.

Uninspired animated video

The last video we watched was an animated one-our fav! We would obviously enjoy this regardless. However, it was so basic and minimum the animation barely moved, when it did it was jerky and amateurish. It was, quite frankly, as uninspiring and unorganised as their business seemed to be. It went on and on with repeated actions for, yup, you guessed it, over 10 minutes. They didn’t have content either. They did eventually get to their point (and my reason for watching it,) after 9 minutes.  Truthfully, it wasn’t worth what they had promised, it was just diluted with ego and waffle, which showed how much they didn’t know about their industry. Their lack of personality was exposed for all to see and their all important ‘we’ve created 5 business in the past and know exactly what we are doing. We’ve made so much money’ was clearly a lie. No successful, established marketing company would produce such low cost, uneventful material.

In the end, we couldn’t watch it any longer. We stopped poking our eyes out with USB sticks and unsubscribed. We had better things to do.

So to round up our blog post, we have a few things to remind you when creating your explainer video:

  • A video is as long as it needs to be, but people will loose interest after 1 minute. Keep it short.

  • Get your key messages across in the first 30 to 60 seconds.

  • Of course, sometimes you need visual quality to be slightly less important when making videos week after week, to keep the cost as low as possible, but NEVER compromise on content.

  • The style of the video and what it looks like, (Colour, layout, appearance) is a direct reflection of your business. A dull, boring look, will not inspire your audience. Use your logo, colours and already used images to mix together to create the feel of your video.

Please share this post. Don’t let your business be dragged down by appalling video.  Find a company who works with you to talk directly to your clients, entertains and promotes. Never go to the cheapest place you can find, (see our blog on the average price of a video) quantity is the only way to keep their prices down and you’ll feel you are working with a factory. You are a business, with individual needs, targeting your own, specific clients. You need a company who can address all this. Read about why you should outsource your video production.

If you feel you’d like more information, drop  us an email at  Or if you feel you need to update your video that isn’t converting into clients, tell us. We will be able to help you.

Want to know how to make a great explainer video that converts? Take a look at our free ebook. We’ll talk you through step by step, giving you tips and tricks along the way.


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