Tips to avoid making video marketing mistakes

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

Tips to avoid making video marketing mistakes

Tips to avoid making video marketing mistakes

Videos can be done wrong. They are great at showing off your business and brand, but when they are done wrong, they are really done wrong.

1: Don't hard sell.

People get turned off instantly. Your customers can smell hard sell a mile off, they will not tolerate it.

2: Video is effective at any level of the marketing funnel.

- Especially the middle and closing sales.

3: Not getting to your point quickly.

People do not want minutes (or what can feel like hours) of you not getting to your point. Have more respect for peoples time. This includes creating a misleading, flashy headline or inaccurate descriptions… it will give you a terrible online reputation.

4: Make sure you share share share!! (and share!)

Make sure your video is shared throughout all your social media channels – don't just published it to your website or YouTube channel as it is not enough. Most successful video marketers implemented a - cross channel strategy - but of course that does depend on who you are targeting. See our blog on this.

5: Have a story.

The best videos have “mini story” arcs, a beginning middle and end–or as what videos have, a problem, solution and benefits. Read what you can make your video about.

6: Have a CTA

– Every one needs guidance as what to do next.

Hopefully these tips will help you in what not to do. Would you like to know how to make a video that converts? It's so take a look at our e-book here.


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