Tools to help with video conversions Part 3 – Vidyard and Brightcove

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

Tools to help with video conversions Part 3 – Vidyard and Brightcove

Tools to help with video conversions Part 3 – Vidyard and Brightcove

Out of all the platforms you can use to measure video engagement to help with your marketing campaign, Vidyard and Brightcove are two of the lesser-known platforms. Both are subscription based, host your video and provide you with a detailed review of what your viewer is doing.

But which platform is for you?

Brightcove claim they are tailored more to suit marketers, who need a one point access to all their video information, making it easier for them to run campaigns on their own. Videos are automatically optimised to work on whichever screen or device it is viewed on, (Although we’d have thought that should be as standard) and they say you can put videos across other social media platforms and attract them back to your video ‘portal’. This feature is an interesting thing to offer if you have lots of product videos.

What we haven’t found in other platforms is that Brightcove offers live streaming, which can then be edited post-event, and viewers who missed it live, can watch it on demand. This is a great tool to keep them ahead of their competition.

Like their competition, Brightcove gives you access to analytics and data to help with your visual marketing campaign. However, Brightcove is £349 per month, although it does have a free trial. Brightcove is definitely aimed at the higher end of the market, towards larger organisations.

Brightcove has a gorgeous slogan ‘Video moves audiences, imagination, marketing, businesses and we move video’. This quite possibly makes it our favourite.

Vidyard doesn’t disclose its price without receiving your details, but we did read that there are both paid and free options. It does seem to be targeted towards the smaller end of the market, with its typical customers being freelancers and small businesses. It also has more integration options, including mail chimp. (It’s our favourite!)

Another great feature we love is that you can see where your videos are in each platform and see how they are being viewed and engaged with, all within the same report. You can split test splash screens (to see what coverts the best) and personalise each video to its viewer – something that we haven’t heard of on any other video platform. Vidyard also talks about ‘Digital Body language’, which is a great way to describe how each viewer behaves. It talks about viewing data in real-time and seeing a history of what each view has downloaded and other videos they’ve watched.

Overall, we’re still not sure what the difference is. Ironically, we think we prefer Vidyard as it has a cute video marketing campaign, showing us how it works. It also seems to speak to us, the smaller business, rather than the larger corporations that Brightcove has targeted.

We’ve found this might help with the difference. …and also this

What do you prefer? (We’d also like to point out that this is a brief overview of the differences between them, we don’t have all day!)

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