What a good video will make you do

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

What a good video will make you do

What a good video will make you do

Often we talk about what a bad video will make you do. (Switch off) but what about what a good video will make you do. Here is an amazing short video which we have discovered over the past few months, which speaks for itself about how powerful a video can be.

This has been around for a while, but the good ones often are. We did not make this video. This video is not Motion Graphics, and has a massive, MASSIVE budget, so it is not something we offer. (See our blog on the average price of an explainer video) Regardless of this, we want you all to put your feet up, with a cup of tea (and a biscuit if you’re feeling crazy!) and just watch how emotional and inspired you will feel. I promise, this videos will stay with you throughout the day.

From chipotle Mexican Grill. Their website is www.chipotle.com

We haven’t posted this to create a debate on mass farming. We have posted these to show how powerful a good video is. How do you interpret these? What have you taken away? Do you just see the horrors of mass farming? Or do you see people creating their own paths instead of following the crowd? People seeing the world as it should be? Do they ask the viewer to remember what is important? Maybe, you saw a man who should have been grateful he was working for such a huge, successful business and just got on with his job. Instead he questioned his and their morals, saw outside the box and set up his own business that aligned with his morals and standards, knowing that it might not work… the competition was too great. Despite the odds… he did it anyway. He remembered what was important.

A lot of people will be able to relate to these videos in one way or another. Let us know what you think. What would you explain in your video? Do you think this what is next in video? Comment below or email us at info@angelamakepeace.co.uk on your interpretation. Share, tweet, post all you like. We love to hear from you.

What does a good video make you do? It makes people talk.

And I bet you didn’t even get to eat that biscuit!

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