What can I make my animated video about?

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

What can I make my animated video about?

What can I make my animated video about?

You want a video. You love that they’re fun, engaging and people pay far more attention to them than plain text. But what now? What do you want your animated, explainer video to be about? You need to ask yourself who specifically is it too?  What do you want to achieve? These questions are for another blog, but in the meantime, here are just a few ideas to get the imagination going…


Tell your potential customers about your product or service. What features and benefits can your offer them?


Answer their questions… what people ask you most about your product or service? Rather than have a page full of questions, why not make a video?


Do a product review. This is great for blogging. Is there a product or service that would be interesting to your customers? If so you can create a video on the benefits and features.

Customer journey

Make a video to show off your past customers experience. Tell potential new customers what you did, and what you can do for them – or you can use a case study or someone who should have followed your advice/used your product but didn’t.

Introduce your staff

Are you an industry full of stereotypes? You could show how your business is really – not what people might think.

Your process

What really goes on behind the scenes? What are your processes? How do you get things done? Any little secrets that you can expose? SHOW your clients HOW you do business.

So now you can never be stuck for an idea. Motion Graphics videos can be fun and show your business off more than any other medium. The only problem now is choosing exactly what story to tell – and we LOVE telling stories!

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