What colours should i use to create my video?

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

What colours should i use to create my video?

What colours should i use to create my video?

According to Forrester Research’s Dr. James McQuivey, “A minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.” We believe this is because viewers see style and pace in the animation, they hear accents and empathises with the voice over. When mixed together these create feelings and thoughts, which make viewers then take action. This means that viewers take in more information watching video than just text, which means everything on the video must be exact and thought through. This is why the colour of your video is so important, because the colours you use tell a whole story their own.

Without going into too much detail… (We could be here all day.) Here is a list of colours and what they are used for:


Passionate, active, exciting, energy, youthful, physical, pioneering, leader, willpower, confidence, ambition, power, sale, passion.


Love, Calm, sensitive, respect, warmth, long-term, feminine, intuitive, care, sensitive, nurture, possibilities, unconditional.


Deep, creativity, unconventional, original, simulation, individual, well, modesty, compassion, distinguish, respectful, creative, sadness, fantasy.


Trust, order, loyalty, can see it coming sincere, authority, communication, confidence, peace, control, Responsible, success, calm, masculine.


Balance, growth, restore, sanctuary, equilibrium, positive, Nature, generous, clarity, prosperity, judgement, safety, stable.


Trust, smart, perceptive, control, rescue, determination, self sufficient, modern, goals, aware, purpose, ambition.


Instinct, warmth, reaction, optimistic, spontaneity, extrovert, social, freedom, impulse, motivation, Happiness, wealth.

So which business are you? We usually take existing branding to get across the visual style in our videos. Now you know this… would you change your brand colours? Now we have you thinking… here are other brands with their colours. It makes sense now right?

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