What is a Call To Action and why is it important when creating video?

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

What is a Call To Action and why is it important when creating video?

What is a Call To Action and why is it important when creating video?

What you don’t ask for, you don’t get. A CTA (Call To Action) is what you’d like your clients to do after watching your video. Never end an explainer video without a call to action. If the video is engaging and the viewer is convinced that you can help with their problem, then asking the viewer to take action, shouldn’t be difficult.

But of course, it is not a simple as that.

Call To Actions need to be more than telling viewers what to do next. They need to be incorporated into the overall marketing plan.

The viewer needs to be filtered through to the video, so the same CTA might not be the same for each place where the video is shown. For instance, you don’t want a ‘visit our website’ CTA on a video that is shown on your website, people are already there. You want a ‘Sign up’ or ‘Buy..’ call to action, depending on how far through your marketing funnel they are.

Here are a few things to think about:

What is it that you’d like them to do?

For instance:

  • Listen…

  • Watch…

  • Share…

  • Download…

  • Click…

  • Buy…

Choose one action. You need to keep it simple. Don’t have too many as it will confuse and overwhelm.

Where do you put a CTA?

We would traditionally have said at the end, but due to clickable links you can hand hold your viewers. Give them clickable links that pop up at the correct point in time… Maybe it is to another of your videos that describe this current topic in more detail. There is more information on clickable links on a previous blog post. But remember… these might get the viewer to click away from your video before they get to the end. What would you like your viewer to do? Check your marketing plan.

Be Specific.

Choose one main action to keep it simple.  Of course you can add CTA at relevant points throughout the video, but give them one at a time.

Create a Sense of Urgency

Nothing quite gets people moving than the thought that if they don’t act now they’ll miss out. Create a sense of urgency by adding ‘now’ and ‘limited time’ to get people to do what you ask them… but quickly.

Lack of Screen Time

There is nothing worse than creating a beautiful, engaging video and having viewers desperate to get started, and then they miss their CTA. If it comes on screen far to quick they can’t read it, they can’t click on it, you’ve missed an opportunity. Make sure the slowest of readers and the most snail paced mouse clickers get a chance to engage with it.

The bottom line is, a CTA guides the viewer to the next point in their journey.  Think what it is that you want to say, to who. Where has the customer come from, and where would you like them to go. When you have decided where your video comes in to your marketing campaign, your call to action should come naturally.

What Call To Action would you use for your video? At what point would you use video as part of your marketing campaign? Have you tried to make your own? Have you used our method? Click to find out how to make your own explainer video. Send it to us, we would love to see. We might be able to help you… drop us a line at info@angelamakepeace.co.uk


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