What is Visual Marketing?

What is visual marketing?

What Is Visual Marketing?

Visual marketing is a form of visual communication. It reaches out to people, engages them and helps them to refine their choices. The images, when done correctly, can turn ideas, concepts and context into visual constructs that influence the perception of the viewer.

What is included in Visual Marketing?

A visual marketing campaign can include logos, signage, uniforms, brochures, websites, images Social Media and, of course, animated explainer videos.

As an explainer video studio, visual marketing is something we use to communicate problems, solutions and your ‘why’s’. Colour, style and pace all affect what is being communicated in any promotional video. Explainer videos work by helping project a brand and message into the mind of the viewer. This helps when it’s time to buy. (Remember that the next time you go shopping and choose a brand you’ve only seen on TV.) Even if you’ve only seen the ad once, the brain forms its first impression in 50 milliseconds, and once processed you’ll retain 65% of that information 3 days later. All that is thanks to visual marketing.

Social Media

Visual marketing is also used in social media. In a survey, 74% of marketers said they used visuals in their social media marketing. This is because when a post includes an image, the engagement rate is doubled.

We can keep talking about visual marketing, but we’d go down the rabbit hole of too much detail.

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