What We’ve Learnt in 2016

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

What We’ve Learnt in 2016

What We’ve Learnt in 2016

And another year has come to an end. How did you find it? Busy? Quiet? It has been both for us. No two days have been the same. It has taught us a few lessons, and we’d like to share with you what we’ve learned in 2016. We’d like to hear your reflections too.

Video has Gone Crazy

When we first started out, we would tell our clients “video is coming” and “Explainer videos are coming, they are going to be massive.” They are here, they are happening. We can safely say that.

Vlogs, animated explained videos, live action videos, short films, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Sky Atlantic commission amazing, high budget films. It has gathered so much speed that we are wondering what will be next for 2017.

If You Take Your Eyes Off the Ball, You’ll be Playing Catch Up

We love business. It is a constant learning curve and we love learning. It is so important to think forward and that one step ahead.

If you think you are ‘there’ or ‘caught up’ or simply take your eyes off the ball, developments have already developed and you are behind the times! They are always new trends in marketing, YouTube ads, and Twitter videos, and you have to research to decide if they are for you. You must focus. Always.

Surround Yourself With the Right People

I am very proud to be a member of BeCollaboration, where I am with ambitious, loving, right-brained, heart-led people who support and offer advice. This year opened my mind to so many possibilities, wonder, what-ifs, and faced new fears. BeCollaboration has encouraged me and makes me take risks to be the best person I can be, both personally and in business. I know this would not have happened being surrounded by my usual friends and family.

Video Styles

We love a good whiteboard video. They are fun, clean, and corporate all at the same time. But they’ve been done to death. There is nothing new that a whiteboard video can show us or impress us with. If you’re thinking of getting a whiteboard video, then, yay! That is great! Good call with using video but try a more colorful, not a “been done” type of video.

Video Marketing

Now customers do not want just one video. In 2016, we had more repeat business than ever before. Our customers want a video on their homepage and video for each of their products. Remember how people’s attention span is so short? Well, businesses are buying more videos at a minute in length more than ever before instead of one long video. This is to ensure people stay engaged longer, as each specific video is more tailored to the audience at each part of the buying cycle.

But in reality, only time will tell. We can only hope that we are lucky enough to be able to make more videos, look back at this in 2018, and realize that we were right (at least for once).

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