Where can I find a voice over for my animated video?

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

Where can I find a voice over for my animated video?

Where can I find a voice over for my animated video?

Voice over is another extremely important asset to creating video. If you cut corners and do it your self, you are a risk of sounding cheap. Like the rest of the video, invest in getting it done well.

You need a voiceover your audience will resonate with and take note of. Think male or female, think corporate or personal. What stories do your voiceover tell without using words.

Make sure your script is spot on with your punctuation and any words that need pronouncing are explained. Your Voice over will read exactly what you have written, bad punctuation too. Save embarrassment by triple checking. And of course, make sure you have a CTA.

Once you have thought through who you have in mind, start looking. We’d always suggest spending as much as you can afford.

Lower end:

Fiverr: Can usually get a good standard of voice over. Make sure they are using professional equipment in a ‘soft’ room. Be warned however, you do get what you pay for.

Higher end:

voiceovers.co.uk: Here you can expect to pay anything from £200 to £300 +VAT. These guys are professional. They go into a studio and record with the best equipment. They are usually actors or with a presenting background and the quality is clear to hear. You might even recognise their voice from TV or radio.

In our experience the most gentle professionals have been found here. They are worth their weight in gold. Voice overs here usually bring your explainer video to life.

You are usually give 3 attempts to run through it. Be concise and precise when giving feedback. Make sure you check your licensing. If you’re not sure, confirm with them. You’ll need to tell them exactly what the video is for, (TV, website only etc)


If you create your own voice over, all you’ll hear is your own voice. Be prepared to be shocked, angry, frustrated and wishing you’d pay more attention in drama class. But of course, it is possible to successfully record your own voice over. We believe in you.

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