Where to use video as part of your marketing campaign: Part 1:YouTube Ads.

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

Where to use video as part of your marketing campaign: Part 1:YouTube Ads.

Where to use video as part of your marketing campaign: Part 1:YouTube Ads

The internet is growing so fast it is difficult to keep up. In fact, investigations for our blog has lead us to discover new things that we didn’t even know were possible, so we’ve divided this blog up into parts, as we have so much to say… Part 1 is about YouTube Ads. Every day, approximately 100 million people watch at least one video online. Youtube is the largest platform for showcasing your video and is the second most used search engine, (Under Google) As with most platforms, you can pay to advertise.

There are many different types of YouTube ads, the most popular are the adverts you get before you watch a video on YouTube. They are normally between 30 seconds and 2 minutes long. We would suggest the shorter the better. We discuss what the best length for an animated explainer video is here.

There are three main types of YouTube ads:


This is where your add plays before the video. You need to make this sort of ad engaging within the first 5 seconds, as after that they have the choice of clicking away. This is PPC (Pay per click) so you are only charged when the viewer engages with the video/watches it past 30 seconds. If the viewer clicks ‘Skip ad’ you wont be charged.


This is where your video sits on the ‘suggested videos’ part of YouTube that is playing a video that you are already watching. (Usually on the top right hand side.) This captures the users attention when they are viewing other content. YouTube use to have these ads in a yellow box, but now they are integrated into the organic search listings. Businesses usually choose this option if you want to build your YouTube channel subscribers, or build more views on your YouTube content. This is because these usually take people to the Businesses YouTube page. You’ll want to build Call to Action buttons into your video content to move people to a landing page, or to your website.

In-search Ads:

These ads appear when your query in the search bar. They contain a little yellow ‘Ad’ box next to their thumbnail. They can link to your video or your YouTube channel, which can link back to landing page or website.

Once you decide which ad is for you, you upload your video and then customise your ad settings. Here you can set a budget, set searched for keywords and target the right customers based on their age, gender, interests and location. You can even target viewers who are watching similar content, watching videos on specific Youtube channels, or if they have visited specific webpages. You can find more information here:

Then you are ready to go. Businesses report on a massive increase on daily views and subscribers, which turn into leads and paying customers. They usually cost between $.10 to $.30 per view.

You can see more information here. It is worth investigating as part of your video marketing strategy.

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