Where to use video as part of your marketing campaign: Part 2: Blippar

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

Where to use video as part of your marketing campaign: Part 2: Blippar

Where to use video as part of your marketing campaign: Part 2: Blippar

Blippar is a massive step within visual marketing. It’s like our videos, but on steroids! It is the next step of image and brand recognition, engaging users and broadening client reach, all which increase sales. It’s engaging augmented reality. 

After downloading the Blippar app, aim your smart device, (Phone, tablet etc) towards the object, (Honestly it can be anything, from business cards, magazines, logo on a chocolate bar, DVD, book cover.) The camera recognises the object and when looking though your phone, makes it come to life. Through your phone, you can see information, videos, web addresses etc. Have we made this sounds a little complicated? Have a look at their website, their video makes it so much more clearer.

We love anything interactive and the best part is, businesses can do this for themselves. They have created BlippBuilder, and you can create anything you like!

For instance, Oyster card used Blipper to direct users to the AR schedule of all trains across the city. Argos used it to let readers instantly buy items when they held their smart phones up to their catalogue pages. It is even more interactive than taking users to websites… Justin Bieber used his album cover to let his fans take a viral selfie!

So, what would you create if your client held their phone up to your logo or product using the Blippar app? Would you have a video explaining how to use it? A video to show your whys? What could you make your video about? We are suggesting video as we LOVE video, but of course, you could show photos of other products too.

Want to know where else you can put an animated video?

Let us know what you’d do by emailing us at info@angelamakepeace.co.uk We always love to hear from you.

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