Where you and your business can use your explainer or promotional video

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

Where you and your business can use your explainer or promotional video

Where you and your business can use your explainer or promotional video

So you know you need a video. You know what type of video… but what about where to use your video. Of course you want to promote it on your website, but there are other ways and places to promote it too. But where can you and your business use your explainer or promotional video?

With a little bit of planning you can adapt your video over all mediums, from your website to presentations to YouTube adverts.

Marketing emails

Mailers love video. They increase the click through rate by 200-300%. Even the word ‘video’ on the subject line increases the open rate by 7-13% (According to Dr. James McQuivey, an analyst tracking a defining power and impact of digital disruption on traditional business)

A video on a marketing email breaks up text and makes people engage and interact with the mailer. Just add a still image with a play symbol and link it to the video.

Social Media

Videos are extremely spreadable. If people like something, they will share it. In fact, 700 videos are shared every minute on Twitter. Remember – YouTube is the second most used search engine, above Bing, above Yahoo and just below Google. This means people are using YouTube to search and if you do not have a video uploaded to YouTube, you won’t be found. 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, so it is growing at a massive rate. Read our blog on places you didn't think to put a video for more information.

YouTube Adverts

As well as putting your explainer or promotional video on your YouTube channel, inviting your customers to view, you can put your video as an advert at the beginning of videos your customers will be watching already. This way your customers will find you, rather than you finding your customers.

Here is a video about it…


PowerPoint presentations are quite dated. Yes you can’t beat an energetic speaker, but what about those statistics? Are you getting bored with constantly repeating your business history? Videos can complement any presentation. In fact people retain up to 58% more information. This is because video stimulates the auditory and visual senses.


Blog post (Just like this one) that incorporate video attract 3 times as many inbound links as blog posts without video. That is why it’s called ‘Vlogging’ We find it breaks up our blogs into more manageable pieces and makes them even more interesting. Read about YouTubes clickable links and subtitles.

Your ‘shop window’

So you have a wonderfully designed shop front or a stand at a large business exhibition. Why not show your promotional video on your ipad to show passers by what you do? You can incorporate it into your banner, or maybe have a monitor playing the video of your product or service. Using a video would make your stand or shop front much more memorable.

Of course you can still use your video on your website. They are great for stickiness and increase SEO. Hopefully we have given you a few more ideas on where you and your business can use your explainer or promotional video. We want you to get the most benefit from it as possible – and using it across all platforms will get what you have to say across even louder.

Want to know how to make a great explainer video that converts? Take a look at our ebook. We’ll talk you through step by step, giving you tips and tricks along the way.


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