Why explainer videos don't work

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

Why explainer videos don't work

Why explainer videos don't work

Explainer videos are great at converting your message into a fun, entertaining, engaging medium – so why are people not listening to your message? Why is it not converting?

There could be a few reasons…

1: The video doesn't speak to your target audience.

When you create a video for your business, you are telling your customers story, not your story. You need to speak their language. Do the visuals appeal to your market? Does the pace and colours reflect you and your business? This leads on to point number 2.

2: The video isn't customised

The colours and speed of your animation reflects you. If you use templates (as good and cheap as they can be) you will look like every other company out there. Also making sure your contact details are at the end of the video and utilise your tagline. Read about why your script is important.

3: No one is seeing your video

The first place you think of putting your video, other than your website is Youtube, it is the second most used search engine next to Google. Make sure you have the correct tags and share share share it on your social media channels. Check out our previous on YouTube's clickable links and subtitles. Also make sure it's on the front page of your website, your homepage. Show it at meetings and exhibitions. Just get it out there. Also, read about places to put your video you didn't think of yet.

4: Not correctly SEO-ed

Organic traffic is back–make sure your title contains your keywords and that they are clever and short. Use meta data and keep the long tail keywords for the description.

5: CTA

If there is no call to action–how do your viewers know what to do next? Your video needs a call to action. Not sure what it is? Check out our blog.

Videos convert by showing you off to your customers. But they must be seen shared and spread to get as many people as possible to watch it. What have you done today to get your video seen?

Have you made a video yet? If not why not? Do you not know where to start? We can help! Check out our e-book on how to make and explain the video that converts. We take you step-by-step through the process to help you make your own explained video.


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