Why Explainer Videos Work

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

Why Explainer Videos Work

Why Explainer Videos Work

We think there is something magical about explainer videos (in fact we think anything involving Motion Graphics is charming!) – that’s why we make them! But as much as we’d like to believe our videos are made out of fairy dust and Popeye muscles, the truth is they aren’t. However, explainer videos are effective at grabbing attention and help viewers retain more information. But why do explainer videos work?


They provide a method of communicating to your audience in a way they’ll understand. You want them to retain information about your business – about what you do and what you want your customers to feel. In other words, you want viewers to retain information about you and your brand.

Information retains

Explainer videos are both auditory and visual. This means sound and visuals work together simulating both senses. If you tell viewers that Dave is swimming in the sea, you need to show that too. It is this reinforcement of the message which means viewers will retain 58% of the information. Learn why sound effects and music in explainer videos are important and where you can find a voiceover to use in animated explainer videos.


The videos are even more effective when you draw on the viewer’s previous experience. (See our blog on what can i make my video about) For instance, when they have tried to look for insurance and just got overwhelmed, or when they tried to do their own tax return and got baffled by the technical-words! This makes it personal to them and draws the viewer into the story. This also applies to images and language – speak directly to the customer to help the viewer relate.

Keep it simple

One of the key reasons explainer videos work is because they are simple. Keeping the story simple makes sure everyone is on the same page. This includes the graphics and animation. Of course you can have incredibly intricate graphics, animating frantically around the screen, but you want your audience to understand, process and remember what you are telling them… so the simpler the better.

For more information visit our blog on why videos increase conversion rates.

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