Why music and sound effects are important when creating video.

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

Why music and sound effects are important when creating video.

Why music and sound effects are important when creating video.

Ever heard anyone say “Music as the soul to life”? – well the same thing is true with explainer videos. Where graphics are food for the eyes, music is food for the ears. Both are just as important as the other.

We saw a post on Facebook (Other social networking sites are available ) which said “I wish my life had background music so I could understand what the hell is going on” could you imagine playing your favourite video game, or watching a film at your local cinema where there were no music or sound effects? Would you feel as involved and engrossed in what you’re watching?

Would you jump at the right moment? Would you realise you’ve picked up extra life points? Watch a film with the mute button on, you quickly lose track of the storyline and you have no idea what’s going on – much like our lives at some point.

The type of music and sound effects you need varies from business to business. You might not need a full-blown orchestra, or the local jazz band, but well thought through music highlighting important areas, such as your logo (remember your audio signature) or to make your video “pop” and get your audiences attention. Consider your tone and target audience. Choosing the right music adds credibility and instils trust in your message.

Remember our blog on “why videos work” ? We talked about how sounds and visuals work together to stimulate both senses. Taking your client on their journey is just as important as any script or branded graphics.

GP Cars have their own music created. They needed to show how easy and straightforward their service was and the music reflects this. Take a look. Their music is bespoke and made especially for them.

The bottom line is the importance of background music and sound effects cannot be understated. Music doesn’t detract attention away, it’s only enhances and makes video more engaging and shareable.

Here is some homework for you. As you go and do daily tasks, what music would be playing in the background if you were in a film? Would it be a montage? Would you hear lightbulb pings when you have an idea? Would you have birds singing when you’re outside relaxing?

Silence is great to empty your brain, but did you want your audience to empty their brain when they watch video? I don’t think so.

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