Why outsource your video?

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

Why outsource your video?

Why outsource your video?

Have you ever tried to make a video on your own? How did it go? Did you get overwhelmed by the vast amount of work involved? There is so much to think about… the script writing, who makes the storyboard… (why do you even need a storyboard?) The graphics need to be designed and created and then there is the animation. How do you even know what software to use and where do you find the time to learn it? So much to learn, so little time, so many other deadlines.

You could be doing something far more productive.

Imagine a world where you can outsource all this hassle, while you concentrate on what you do best – This is why you might find it best to outsource your video.

Now it is important for us to make it clear to you that we are not necessarily talking about why you should outsource to us. We are great, (of course) but we might not be for you. There are plenty of other companies we are more than happy to recommend which may be more suited to you… but it is important to get an understanding of what is involved in the video making process.

When you outsource your video making requirements to a professional video company, you:

Save money:

(You do of course save your cash doing it yourself,) but your time is very much compromised. All those hours learning new skills that you probably won’t be using again… Here is the average price of an animated explainer video.

Quick turn around time:

The time from start to finish your video is dramatically sped up when hiring a team with the technology and experience already available in house.

Latest software:

A professional video team will have the latest software and technology, what they will be able to use to a professional standard.

A one stop shop:

Rather than go to a script writer to write all about your business, then a designer to make your images, then find an animation company to animate, a good production company will have everything in house, so you can just liaise with one person.

They are professionals:

They’ll know what they are doing at every point, they will have done this many times before and know what works, and what doesn’t.

Of course you don’t have to take our word for it. The great thing about life is learning and you may love the idea of taking on a project that you know nothing about. You may want the thrill of managing different people to get your desired video.

This is why you should use us.

Let us know what you think. Have you tried to make your own? Did you have any trouble? Send it to us, we would love to see. We might be able to help you… drop us a line at info@angelamakepeace.co.uk

Would you like more information on creating a great explainer video that converts? Take a look at our ebook. We’ll talk you through step by step, giving you tips and tricks along the way.


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