Why Professionally Made Lower Thirds, Title Sequence, and Logo Animations can Increase Conversions.

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

Professionally Made Lower Thirds, Title Sequence, and Logo Animations can Increase Conversions.

Why Professionally Made Lower Thirds, Title Sequence, and Logo Animations can Increase Conversions.

YouTube videos have boomed. You are continuously vlogging (video blogging) about your life, your daily routine, how to put on your makeup, today’s feelings or emotions, all publicly. People are letting the general public into their lives in rather an intimate way.

What is wonderful is that these are real people, not actors. You are watching real life, which means with camera equipment on phones, anyone and everyone can do it. It’s so accessible that market is flooded so, naturally, standards go up and expectations are higher, meaning it is not as straightforward as one would think.

As an audience, we are demanding more and more. We want quality and quantity. Gone are the early days of YouTubers vlogging on their phones, uploading a video once a week, and talking to the audience with a crackly mic. Now people want professional looking videos every day. Audiences want a sense of reality where perfect lives are shown in their full glory, vloggers look beautiful in well-balanced, lit room, and a beautifully composed shot with depth of field showing an organized and happy life.

The bar has been raised. Professional, expensive cameras are on the rise, lighting setups are used, and tie mics capture perfect sound.

There is a strong correlation between the vloggers who use professional equipment, lights, mic, camera, etc. and their rapidly growing followers, compared to those who just use their phone. Of course, content is key but vloggers that use professional equipment are more likely to be asked to endorse products, as products want to be seen as slick, professional, and polished.

So why should professionals stop at equipment? Surely lower thirds and title sequences give a more rounded feel your content. A five-second introduction across all videos connects it to the brand and sets the scene for what about to come. Interviewing someone? Why not use a bottom third to introduce them? Graphics like this give authority, especially in an environment where journalism is involved.

We hope we gave you something to think about. Remember, you are creating a world when you’re vlogging a lifestyle. Where would you like to live?

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