Why you shouldn't have an auto playing animated video

Why you shouldn't have an auto playing video on your homepage

Why you shouldn't have an auto playing animated video on your homepage

We admit it, we have been guilty of having an autoplaying animated video on our homepage.

Here are reasons why you shouldn't have it playing as soon as a visitor lands on your homepage. Let us know what you think.

1: It slows the page down.

When a video is on the homepage a 32nd second video will add about 10 MB to the page. 57% of online shoppers abandon page after three seconds of load time. This means every second counts.

2: Watching the video becomes the CTA

Without realising it, you've probably encouraged users to sit and watch the video, only committing them to commit to the call to action after the video is complete. It's can inadvertently increase the bounce rates, reduce click through rates and make your homepage seemed like an advertisement meant rather than well, homepage. Read more about CTA's

3: It's a massive distraction.

Having a video auto playing is distracting and uses up your viewers “cognitive load” your visitors should be able to complete any actions in a stress free manner.

What do you think? Our homepage has an auto playing video, but as we like to think that as the sound is off, it uses up less “cognitive load” what does yours do? Have you tested with an A/B test. What works best? Not made your video yet and wondering how to make a video that converts? Take a look at our e-book on how to make an explain video that converts. We will take you step-by-step through the process.


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