YouTube’s Clickable links and subtitles

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

YouTube’s Clickable links and subtitles

YouTube’s Clickable links and subtitles

There has been months of preparation, weeks of hard work and now you have your video. It looks beautiful. There is a strong message, the graphics suit your brand and the animation is sharp, fun and with a call to action. You’ve loaded it to YouTube and added your tags and shared on Social Media… but now what? What sneaky extras can you give to polish off your video? Have you ever thought of using YouTube’s Clickable links and subtitles?

Clickable links

Clickable links are links within your video that the viewer can click on to  take them to another page or video. They are great to get the viewer to your website when they want more information. Links can be text (like you would have in your blog or a PDF) or they can be a section over your video so a part of your video looks like a button e.g. a picture – or even a graphic that says ‘click me!’

Here is a video by Adam Payne showing you how it’s done:


Otherwise known as closed captions. Closed captions make sure ALL your audience understands what is happening. So whether your audience are hearing impaired, or on the go without their headphones, subtitles can pop up, meaning they don’t miss a thing, but there are more to subtitles than that…

Subtitles are useful if your video has quite a large amount of information in,  such as a step by step or how to video. You can see the script, and click where you need to be so the video will play from there.

They are also great for SEO. YouTube (and of course Google) now knows exactly what your video is about, so can direct traffic to it, so it will come up higher in listings. You can also use YouTube to help with video conversions

However, what we feel is the genius behind subtitles, is that once they are set up, YouTube cleverly translates them into different languages. So where ever in the world your audience are, they understand your video in their own language.

Here is a video by BigNate 84 who shows you just about everything you’d need to know.

Great Huh? YouTube has such lovely little add-ons that are so great, we just had to blog about it.

Give it a go and let us know how you get on. We’d love to see the finished product.

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