About me

Hi, I'm Angie,

I like to animate stories that make the world a more beautiful place to be.

I have 10 years experience within the video industry and 8 of those are freelancing with After Effects. I have been privileged enough to work with some incredible production companies, (small and large) and top agencies in the UK. I've even got to collaborate with some lovely individuals across the pond too.

I've been lucky enough to work on short films which have been shown in festivals across the world and I also got to animate and edit a full length DVD documentary for Throwaway Productions, telling the remarkable story of our consumer age. (Seriously- it's a great story.)

I've also ben able to work with amazing, talented people who create scripts and complex illustrations for clients who need videos for their own businesses - from scratch. From promotional marketing videos, to explainer and infographics. This has given me experience in all areas of video making, from project management, liaising with shareholders and top creative directors, who come from a range of industries, such as technology, education and marketing.

In short, I am one lucky gal. I love what I do and I am super lucky I get to do this every day.

I've also been told I am lovely to work with, which I believe counts for a lot.

Now you've dropped by, please say hello at info@angelamakepeace.co.uk or let's connect on Social Media below.

What i'm currently doing:

Freelancing on 1 large project and a couple of smaller projects


Essex Digital Awards: Use of video for Business 2016